Growing Jackfruit in Texas & Where To Buy

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Can Jackfruit Grow in Texas? After consulting many successful Jackfruit growers in the United States and Texas you will find this informatation informative and helpful. You will learn exactly how and when to grow the beautiful Jackfruit and where you can buy young Jackfruit trees for growing and fresh fruit for eating and seeds. So first lets answer: Can Jackfruit Grow in Texas?

Jackfruit trees will grow in North and South Texas. Jackfruit trees can be killed when temperatures drop to 28°F, so those in colder regions will need to keep young trees inside, on a patio or in a greenhouse during colder months. For best results choose an area that receives 8+ hours of sun a day and water regularly.

There are a number of different varieties that you can choose from when growing Jackfruit trees. Some Jackfruit varieties are more cold tolerant than others. Some varieties are smaller sized while others may grow tall. Fruit size, color, texture and taste all vary as well, so choose a Jackfruit tree that will fit your space and personal taste.

Best Jackfruit to Grow In Texas

CultivarFruit SizeTree Height
TaboueyMedium – Large to Large10 – 20 ft
Lemon GoldSmall – Medium12 – 25 ft
J-31Large8 – 10 ft
Kun Wi ChanLarge13 – 25 ft
CochinSmall8 – 10 ft
Honey GoldSmall – Medium8 – 10 ft
Chompa GobMedium8 – 10 ft
Black GoldMedium8 – 10 ft
Dang RasimiMedium – Large10 – 20 ft
CheenaSmall8 – 10 ft
Golden NuggetSmall8 – 10 ft
J-30Medium10 – 20 ft
NS1Small to Medium – Small10 – 20 ft

Black Gold is one of the most cold tolerant Jackfruit trees but does not have the best taste. Lemon Gold has one of the best flavors and texture of many of the different varieties, but may not grow as well in colder climates.

I would choose a good tasting variety but just be aware if it is planted unprotected outside it may die back with a winter chill, but should recover and grow back out again. Younger trees will need to be protected by planting in large pots then moving them to a protected area, such as inside, when winter chills set in. They can be put outside in the sun when the weather warms up.

For more information on the different Jackfruit varieties take a look at these two posts before choosing a tree: Best Jackfruit Varieties & Which Jackfruit is Best: Flavor & Easiest to Grow. There is a lot of additional information along with pictures and tables to help you choose which cultivar to plant and grow.

Best Time To Plant Jackfruit in Texas

The best time to plant Jackfruit trees in Texas is late Spring to early Summer. They will grow best in warmer climates and are best suited to warm humid and wet weather. South Texas will find it easier to grow Jackfruit trees, however the further North you go the harder it will be to grow Jackfruit trees.

Growing from seeds generally are more cold tolerant than buying a young Jackfruit tree. Sometimes, you can find a Jackfruit grafted into a more cold tolerant root stock, which should also help with growing in colder climates.

You might also like to check out our post: Can Jackfruit Grow in California: Growing Times & Tips. This post will also provide some addditional information to help you choose the best variety of Jackfruit to grow.

Can you Grow jackfruit in Dallas Texas

Jackfruit trees will grow best in warm climates and can be grown in Dallas Texas if confined to a greenhouse with ample headroom. Since the trees can grow tall meticulous prunning is required along with a variety that is known to grow to smaller heights such as Black Gold and Cheena.

Other small growing Jackfruit trees are the Chompa Gob, Cochin, Gold Nugget, Honey Gold and J-31. There are also dwarf varieties available that may also do well in a greenhouse.

Jackfruit trees will do best planted in the ground rather than grown in pots to allow the roots to spread out. Jackfruit trees are easy to grow from seeds, but only fresh seeds will germinate. To help you determine when your Jackfruit is ripe take a look at the article: When Is Jackfruit Ripe

Best Fertilizer for Jackfruit

Jackfruit need regular fertilizing each year, especially when they are in the first three years of growth. A NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) mix at a ratio of 6-6-6 or 8-3-9 should work well. A slow release fertilizer also works well for Jackfruit trees.

Jackfruit trees benefit also from chelated iron soil drenches which help to prevent iron deficiency as foilar iron sprays are generally not very effective. However foliar sprays of manganese, zinc, molybedenum, boron and magnesium are very beneficial for Jackfruit health and growth.

YearTimes Per YearAmount per Tree (lbs)No. of Minor Element
Foliar Sprays Per Year
160.25 – 0.56
260.5 – 1.06
361.0 – 1.56
42-31.5 – 2.06
52-32.0 – 2.54 – 6
62-32.5 – 3.04 – 6
72-33.0 – 3.54 – 6
82-33.5 – 4.04 – 6

How Long Does it Take Jackfruit to Bear Fruit

A grafted Jackfruit tree can begin bearing fruit in 2 to 3 years. Growing from seeds can also bear fruit in 2 to 3 years, however some can take a lot longer depending on the health of the tree. Some report their Jackfruit tree took 7 years and another took 20 years.

Take a look at this article on What Does Jackfruit Taste Like? to see what different varieties are available and their characteristic tastes.

Where To Buy Jackfruit Trees and Plants in Texas

The best place to buy Jackfruit Trees (Artocarpus heterophyllus) in Texas is online at, or you might try a local nursury who specializes in tropical trees. are based in South Carolina but will ship all over the United States including Texas. At the time of writing they have Jackfruit trees available with over 23 reviews all 5 star and 1 at 3 star for this particular Jackfruit tree with 100% recommending their purchase. Price ranges starting at $149.95.

This particular Jackfruit tree will do well in Growing Zones: 4-11 patio and Growing Zones 9-11 outdoors.

Sometimes Jackfruit plants and seeds for germinating become available on Amazon for purchase. You can check by visiting this link: Jackfruit Plants for Sale (Affiliate Link to Amazon). Check the reviews, if they have any to make sure any seeds will germinate.

Where To Buy Jackfruit Fruit in Texas: For Eating & Seeds

Hong Kong Market Place situated at 2615 W Pioneer Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75051sell fresh Jackfruit that you can eat and use the seeds for germinating. If you want to shop online then Exotic Fruits USA sell fresh Jackfruit that can be purchased online.

Most of the time you can visit your local Asian store in Texas where you live and many of them may stock fresh Jackfruit or know of a nearby store that does. You might also like to check out our tips for Growing Jackfruit In Florida. You will see just how to grow Jackfruit in South, Central and even Northern Florida.

Growing Jackfruit in Texas

  • South Texas has the best climate to grow jackfruit. Those in Central and North Texas can also grow Jackfruit but will need to ensure good protection from the cold.
  • Choose varieties that are known to grow well in other areas of the United States such as lemon gold, black gold, gold nugget, and JS-31.
  • The best planting time is in late spring to early summer.
  • Make sure that your tree is kept well pruned. Jackfruit trees are very vigerous growers.
  • Be sure to follow the fertilizing schedule mentioned.
  • Jackfruit trees can begin to bear fruit as early as 2 years of age.


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