How To Grow Jackfruit in Florida & Where To Buy

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How To Grow Jackfruit In Florida
How To Grow Jackfruit In Florida

We have written a number of articles about Jackfruit on this website, and so it was time to write an article on growing Jackfruit in Florida. This would include the best varieties to choose from to ensure you get the best possible tasting Jackfruit that will thrive in the Florida climate. So first, will Jackfruit grow in Florida?

Jackfruit trees will grow in Florida, and do best in South and Central Florida. Jackfruit trees will suffer damage and die if temperatures go below 28°F. You will need some extra protection if you are growing Jackfruit trees in North Florida such as a greenhouse or some other form of frost protection during colder months. Jackfruit trees require 8 or more hours of sun and regular watering to get the best results.

Choose a variety of Jackfruit that best suits your climate, taste and growing space. Check the table below for some of the best Jackfruit cultivars to grow in Florida. These are listed in no particular order. Continue reading also for our top choice for South Florida, North Florida and Central Florida.

Best Jackfruit To Grow In Florida

Check out the table below for the best Jackfruit to grow in Florida.[1]

CultivarPhotoFruit SizeTree HeightQuality
Black GoldBlack Gold Jackfruit 22 lbs8 feetGood Quality
Sweet &
CheenaCheena 5 lbs – 10 lbs8 feetExcellent,
Very Aromatic
12 lbs – 20 lbs8 feetGood,
Mild Flavor
CochinCochin 2 lbs – 5 lbs8 feetGood,
Dang Rasimi 18 lbs – 20 lbs11 feetMild,
Gold Nugget 7 lbs – 12 lbs8 feetExcellent
Honey Gold 10 lbs – 12 lbs8 feetSweet,
Rich Aroma,
Rich Flavor
J-30J 30 17 lbs – 25 lbs10 feet Sweet,
Rich Aroma,
Rich Flavor
J-31J-31 26 lbs8 feetSweet,
Earthy Aroma,
Rich Flavor
Kun Wi
Kun Wi Chan 33 lbs – 40 lbs13 feetMild,
Lemon Gold 13 lbs12 feetSweet and
NS1NS 1 9 lbs – 12 lbs10 feetSweet
Rich Flavor
TaboueyTabouey 20 lbs – 25 lbs10 feetMild,
Little Aroma,

Best Time To Plant Jackfruit in Florida

Planting a Jackfruit tree may be done any time in South Florida. There should be good access to water for the newly planted Jackfruit trees. Otherwise, the best time to plant a young Jackfruit tree is in early summer or late spring, early in the rainy season. One of the most important steps in growing a strong and productive tree proper planting.

Jackfruit trees should be planted in a location where they can receive full sun allowing for the best growth and fruit production. Always try to select an area away from buildings, other trees, and power lines, as jackfruit tree’s can grow very large if not regularly pruned.

The main fruiting season for the planted Jackfruit tree is in fall and summer. Some of the trees fruit may ripen at other times, but usually not in early spring and winter.

To read more about Jackfruit varieties, which varieties are best, along with taste and how to identify, please read the article: Best Jackfruit Varieties

Can You Grow Jackfruit In North Florida?

You can grow Jackfruit in North Florida if you have a very good microclimate or a large green house. You might also be able to grow it against a wall, provided you keep it pruned regularly and keep it tight to the wall. The wall will protect it from winds and frost damage. Your goal is to keep it like a dwarf tree through vigorous pruning, as once it grows above the wall, that part will suffer damage on a cold night.

You can also try to train it along a fence, by bending it and tying it to keep it growing below the top of the fence line. These are tropical trees and need to be protected from cold nights and frosty winters. If you successfully protect them from these colder conditions then you should be able to grow your Jackfruit tree.

The best Jackfruit tree to grow in North Florida is the Black Gold as it is the most cold tolerant, however it doesn’t have the best texture or taste. If taste is also a requirement, then the next best option are either the cochin, lemon gold or honey gold variety.

Best Jackfruit to Grow in Central Florida

The best Jackfriut to grow in Central Florida is the Black Gold variety due to its cold tolerance. However, like North Florida above, you might also try Cochin and Lemon Gold, that are not as cold tolerant but have a better taste and texture.

Best Jackfruit to Grow in South Florida

The best Jackfruit to grow in South Florida is the Lemon Gold, which has a sweet flavor, firm texture, and low latex. The NS1 variety is also a good choice with a firm texture and sweet rich flavor.

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Where to Buy Jackfruit in Florida

You can buy Jackfruit fresh in Florida from Jackfruit King, 11814 Boggy Creek Rd, Orlando, FL 32824, USA. You can also purchase plants for growing from Everglades Farm, 19775 SW 296 Street, Homestead, FL 33030. Another good place to purchase young Jackfruit trees from is Excalibur Fruit Trees LLC, 5200 Fearnley Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33467.

For more information on places to purchase Jackfruit in Florida please check out the article: Best Jackfruit Varieties

How Long Does It Take For Jackfruit To Bear Fruit?

The time takes for a Jackfruit to bear fruit from flowering to fruit maturity can range from 150 to 180 days. The main fruiting season for Jackfruit is in fall and during summer. Fruit can ripen at other times of the year, but it is not usual for fruit to ripen in winter and early spring.

How Do You Grow Jackfruit Seeds in Florida?

  1. Use fresh seeds straight from the Jackfruit. Once the seed dries out the chances of it germinating diminishes substantially.
  2. Remove the seed from the fruit. Rinse it with water then wrap the seed in a wet paper towel and place it into a Ziplock bag. In a few days your seed should germinate.
  3. Once the Jackfruit seed starts to turn slightly green, you should see a sprout emerging. Transfer it into a potting container with well draining soil. Plant the seeds flat and 2 inches deep then water it to keep the soil moist.
  4. The Jackfruit plant grows very vigorously, so If starting off in a potting container make sure you keep the container on a concrete surface otherwise the roots will grow into the soil below the container and it can be difficult to remove it.

How Do You Keep A Jackfruit Tree Small?

Take a look at the video below to see how to prune a Jackfruit tree and keep it to a height of 10 feet or less.

Best Fertilizer For Jackfruit

The best way to fertilize your growing jackfruit tree is with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium applied in a ratio of 8:4:2:1 to 1 ounce or 30 grams per Jackfruit tree when it is at six months of age and then doubling every six months up to two years of age. Once the Jackfruit tree has passed the two year mark, they should get 35.5 ounces (1 kg.)

Below is a table from the University of Florida with their recommendations for fertilizing your Jackfruit trees.[1]

YearTimes Per YearAmount Per Tree (lbs)
of NPK per Appilication
160.25 – 0.5
260.5 – 1.0
361.0 – 1.5
42-31.5 – 2.5
52-32.5 – 3.5
62-33.5 – 4.0
72-34.0 – 4.5
82-34.5 – 5.0

University of Florida recommend NPK per tree per application of 6-6-6 or 8-3-9 or a slow release fertilizer.

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