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Raquel & Juan
Raquel & Juan

Juan & Raquel are a husband and wife team that have set up Fruitinformation.com, a website all about fruit.

Here is our story and a bit of information about ourselves.

Raquel grew up on a fruit farm owned by her family in a tropical country growing Lazones, Mangos, Rumbutan, Bananas, Pomello, Jackfruit, Durian, Marang and Coconuts to name a few.

The fruit farm sold many of the fruits locally and commercially that were grown. Her father climbed coconut trees barefoot to cut down the ripe coconuts to sell for a living.

After living on the fruit farm for many years, Raquel then worked in a fruit nursery for 3 years, where she helped grow fruits from seeds and also grafted the young seedlings onto mature fruit trees.

Juan has spent well over a decade studying fruit and their health benefits and living almost on a fruitarian diet. Working in a Hospital Hostel around Doctors and Nurses he has been able to expand his knowledge of the human anatomy and how fruits can benefit ones general health and well being.

Dragon Fruit Farm Partnership

Dragon Fruit Farm View
Dragon Fruit Farm View

Juan and Raquel partnered in a dragon fruit farm with a family of farmers in Luzon and have established the dragon fruit farm from cuttings and seeds.

After two years in the Dragon Fruit farm business, we have learnt many lessons about growing these exotic fruits, along with the diseases and treatments.

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