Best Jackfruit Varieties: Taste, Texture & Production

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When I was over in the Philippines I was fortunate enough to try some Jackfruit, which I found to be very sweet with a firm texture. I absolutely loved the taste and was interested to find out more about this tropical fruit. After researching and talking to knowledgeable growers I have put together a comprehensive list of the best varieties of Jackfruit.

The best Jackfruit varieties are the Lemon Gold and Chirappuram Cluster Jack which both have a firm texture and very sweet flavor. Other very good varieties are the Black Gold, NS1 and the Dang Rasimi, which is also known for its very high yield.

The number of varieties have increased and many varieties are known by different names in different countries. Many newer varieties are cultivated for their sweetness, cold resistance, yield, low latex and high yield productivity. Some are local to certain areas as in the case of many varieties in the United States and Florida to withstand the colder winter conditions.

We will take a deeper look into many of these varieties along with helpful information on where you might be able to obtain them for growing, so please read on. But first, a bit more on the best variety of Jackfruit.

Which Is the Best Variety of Jackfruit?

The very best variety of Jackfruit is the Lemon Gold with a crunchy texture, low latex and sweet flavor. It has a lemon yellow flesh color that makes it a favorite amongst many hobbyist Jackfruit growers. This is a common cultivar grown in Florida and California.

Of course taste is subjective but what we like with the Lemon Gold is that even many who are not great fans of Jackfruit change their mind after trying the Lemon Gold variety. Its such a pleasant combination of crunchiness and sweetness that makes you fall in love with it.

For more information about the Lemon Gold Jackfruit along with additional information on sweet varieties and good producers please take a look at our article: Which Jackfruit Is Best: Flavor & Easiest To Grow. Check out our tables below also with a number of cultivars and characteristics.

A lot of hobbyist growers also like the J-31 variety for its cold resistance, sweet rich flavor and earthy aroma. This variety has a deep yellow color and has its origins in Malaysia.

How Do I Know What Type of Jackfruit I Have?

To identify the type of Jackfruit you have you need to examine the leaf shape of the tree along with the color, texture, aroma and texture of the ripe flesh.

A table is listed below showing characteristics of different types of Jackfruit. Use the table to help you learn about a few of the different varieties that can be grown along with characteristic features of each variety. In using the table you will learn how to identify Jackfruit types.

Jackfruit TypePulp ColorPulp TextureQualityComments
TaboueyLight YellowFirmPleasant Mild Flavor
Very Little Aroma
Fruit Irregular
Fruit May Split
Lemon GoldLemon, YellowFirm to CrunchyVery Sweet FlavorHighly Recommended.
Flesh is Thick Walled
Deep Yellow
FirmRich and Sweet Flavor
Earthy Aroma
Fruit Very Rarely Splits
Excellent Texture
Kun Wi ChanYellowSoft to Moderately FirmVery Pleasant Mild FlavorConsidered of Average
to Not Very Good Quality
CochinYellow to OrangeFirm to CrunchyMild to GoodCan have ‘Rag’ Adhering to Arils.
‘Rag’ is Edible and Pulls Off Easy.
Honey GoldDark Yellow to OrangeFirmRich Sweet Flavor
Rich Aroma
Excellent Texture
Flesh is Thick Walled
Chompa GobOrangeFirmMild Good FlavorExcellent Quality Texture
Black Gold
Deep Orange
Medium Firm, SoftSweet, Good, AromaticFlesh is Easily Removed
Dang Rasimi
Deep Orange
Firm to SoftSweet Flavor, Mild with Pleasant AromaFlesh is Thin Walled
Deep Orange
Soft and Melting, Slightly FibrousExcellent Flavor and Very AromaticFlesh is Easily Removed
Golden Nugget
Deep Orange
Medium Firm to SoftFlavor is ExcellentAfter Heavy Rains Fruit May Split
J-30Deep OrangeFirmFlavor is Rich and Sweet
Aroma is Rich and Sweet
Excellent Texture
Fruit Thick Walled
Dark Orange
FirmRich Sweet FlavorExcellent Texture

As you can see from the above table, you can begin to determine what variety you have by considering the color of the pulp or flesh along with the texture. Additional clues come from the flavor and aroma. Take a look at this article about: What Does Jackfruit Taste Like?

Many of the varieties above are good eating and sure to please most palates, however the Lemon Gold is exceptionally good for eating. The above varieties make for good growing in Florida, US and Hawaii.

The only other possible characteristic to consider when choosing a cultivar would be its yield or productivity. If you are planning on growing a Jackfruit type or cultivar in a colder climate you would also need to consider its cold hardiness. If you are wanting more information on when your Jackfruit is ripe and ready for picking then check out the article: When Is Jackfruit Ripe

Here is a Table below showing you pictures of some of the various Jackfruit cultivar fruit.

Jackfruit TypePicture of FruitComments
Tabouey The Tabouey Jackfruit tree has dark green rounded leaves that are small. The tree forms an open, rounded canopy.
The fruit of the Tabouey Jackfruit appear long, thin and tapered at the stem-end and are often misshapen and lobed. They tend to have a bright yellow color and irregular, blunt spines.
Lemon Gold The fruit of the Lemon Gold Jackfruit tend to be ‘blocky’ in shape and medium to small in size.
The growth of the tree is vigorous and moderately dense. Its canopy has a moderate spread.
J-31 The fruit of the J-31 Jackfruit tend to be large and irregular in shape with blunt prominent spines.
This variety has a good tolerance to cold and will often produce fruit during the winter and months.
The J-31 tree grows with an open spreading canopy.
Kun Wi Chan The Kun Wi Chan Jackfruit has a uniform round fruit with a vigorous fast growth rate and dense foliage. The fruit size is considered large.
Cochin The fruit of the Cochin Jackfruit are small and smooth in comparison with other Jackfruit varieties. This is primarily because the fruits spines open and flatten as the fruit matures.
The trees growth tends to be low in vigor and forms an upright sparse and narrow canopy.
Honey Gold The Honey Gold Jackfruit has a small to medium-small fruit with a ‘blocky’ appearance. It is recommended to thin the fruit out, and the tree grows fairly slowly with a sparse, spreading canopy.
The fruit is basketball sized round when it is ripe and it will fruit on many limbs.
Chompa GobThe Chompa Gob Jackfruit has a medium sized fruit with a ‘blocky’ uniform shape.
The tree is a fast grower with open, spreading canopy.
Black Gold The exterior of the Black Gold Jackfruit is a dark green color with sharp fleshy spines. It is difficult to judge the harvest time and maturity of this cultivar because the spines do not flatten, or “open” when mature.
The tree has vigorous growth, with a manageable and dense canopy.
Dang Rasimi The fruit of the Dang Rasimi Jackfruit tree are a pale yellow to bright green color with a uniform shape if they are thinned so that only one fruit is permitted to grow per fruiting spur. The skin of the fruit has sharp spines which do not “open” or flatten with maturity.
The tree is open, spreading and is one of the most vigorous Jackfruit varieties.
Cheena The fruit of the Cheena Jackfruit are narrow, long and uniform in shape and size. The skin has blunt spines and is green, which becomes yellow and open a bit upon maturity.
The tree is a natural hybrid between champedak (which is similar to Jackfruit and breadfruit) and Jackfruit. The growth of the tree is low and spreading and open.
Golden Nugget The fruit of the Golden Nugget Jackfruit tree green, small and rounded. They have fleshy sharp spines on the skin. When the fruit matures, the spines will become smooth and golden yellow.
The tree tends to be fast growing and has a very distinctive rounded dark green leaf. The tree canopy is dense and spreading, but easily maintained.
J-30 The J-30 Jackfruit bears fruit that are uniform and that hang singly on the major tree branches. The fruits of the J-30 are dark green and uniform in color and shape, with the skin having blunt spines.
The tree of the J-30 Jackfruit grows vigorously with an open canonical canopy.
NS1 The NS1 Jackfruit was among one of the earliest and superior Jackfruits successfully cultivated in North and South America.
The NS1 fruit are a dark green color with spines that are blunt and flattened. As the fruit ripens the spines will flatten and open.

Best Jackfruit Varieties in US and Florida

The best Jackfruit varieties in the United States and Florida are the Lemon Gold and the J31. Other varieties that grow well are the NS1 and the Golden Nugget.

If you are wanting to grow Jackfruit in Florida then take a look at the table below which will show you the season and months with each variety.

Jackfruit TypeOriginGrowth RateSeason and MonthsComments
TaboueyIndonesiaSlow – ModerateLate Season, September – OctoberA moderate tree size of around 10 feet can be maintained with annual pruning. A moderately vigorous growing tree. It is recommended to thin number of fruit for young trees.
Lemon GoldAustraliaModerateMid Season, July – AugustA moderate tree size of around 12 feet can be maintained with annual pruning. A vigorous growing tree.
J-31MalaysiaFastEarly Season, May – JuneThis tree is easily pruned and can be kept small at around 8 feet. Often produces fruit in the off-season.
Kun Wi ChanThailandFastMid Season, July – AugustThis tree can be maintained at a moderate size of 13 feet with annual pruning. A vigorous growing tree.
CochinAustraliaSlowEarly Season, June – JulyIt is recommended to thin out the number of fruit.
This tree is easily pruned and can be kept small at around 8 feet.
Honey GoldAustraliaModerateMid Season, July – AugustThis tree is easily pruned and can be kept small at around 8 feet. It is recommended to thin out the number of fruit.
Chompa GobFastMid Season, July – AugustTree is easily pruned to maintain a small size.
Black GoldAustraliaFastLate Season, September – OctoberThis tree is easily pruned and can be kept small at around 8 feet.
Dang RasimiThailandFastMid Season, July – AugustA moderate size of 11 feet can be maintained with annual pruning. This tree is a vigorous grower.
CheenaAustraliaModerateMid Season, July – AugustThis tree is easily pruned and can be kept small at around 8 feet. It is a hybrid with Champedak.
Golden NuggetAustraliaFastEarly Season, May – JuneThis tree is easily pruned and can be kept small at around 8 feet. It is recommended to thin out the number of fruit.
J-30MalaysiaFastMid Season, July – AugustA moderate size of around 10 feet can be maintained with annual pruning. Tree grows vigorously.
NS1MalaysiaModerateEarly, May – JuneA moderate tree size of around 10 feet can be maintained with annual pruning. A moderately vigorous growing tree. It is recommended to thin number of fruit for young trees.

We recommend you read our post: Can Jackfruit Grow in California for additional tips and growing times for California growing conditions. Also take a look at our article: Growing Jackfruit in Texas which will provide additional information on fertilizing and yields.

Where To Find and Buy Jackfruit Trees in US and Florida

The best place to buy Jackfruit trees in the US and Forida are the Everglades Farm located at 19775 SW 296 Street, Homestead, FL 33030. They also have an online store and can also ship to California, Texas & Arizona. They have a number of varieties including the Gold Nugget, Cheena and Black Gold.

They also have the Red morning and Dang Rasimi varieties, many of which are grafted making for more cold tolerant trees that grow well in Florida and California. The prices range from around $79.95 to $99.95 for a small tree.

Another good place to shop for jackfruit trees is Excalibur Fruit Trees LLC located at 5200 Fearnley Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33467, United States. However they do not ship so you will need to go to the store to purchase your Jackfruit.

You might like to check out the article: Best Fruit Trees To Grow in Florida of which Jackfruit is included on the list. Check out the article to see if your area will grow Jackfruit trees.

Excalibur Fruit Trees LLC

Monday- Saturday, 8:00am-4:00pm EST
Phone: 561-969-6988

They are worth checking out as they have a good selection of Jackfruit trees subject to availability such as:

  • Bangkok Lemon
  • Champedak
  • Cochin
  • Cristela
  • Crunchy Lemon
  • Excalibur Gold
  • Excalibur Red
  • J-30
  • Malay
  • Mai 1
  • Mai 2
  • Mai 3
  • Mitta
  • Red Morning
  • TM Red

If you are wanting to try a fresh Jackfruit then many Asian stores can sell you a fresh Jackfruit.

Which City is Famous For Jackfruit

Panruti town is famous for Jackfruits that are extremely sweet. It is located in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu in India. The Jackfruits that are grown in Panruti are exported Worldwide.

Which State is Famous For Jackfruit

The Indian State of Kerala is famous for Jackfruits. It was officially made the State fruit of Kerala on March 21st 2018.


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