King of Fruits: Why The Majestic Durian?

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King Of Fruits - Durian
King of Fruits – Durian

If you were to ask anyone what is the King of Fruits. You may be surprised at the number of different answers. But there can only be one undisputed King. Some may say the mango with its sweet taste and nutritional content, but by far the mango is relegated to at most, second place. So, what is the King of Fruits.

The King of Fruits is Durian due to its unique taste and distinctive smell along with a good deal of nutrition. The durian fruit comes packed with carbohydrates, calories and macro and micronutrients. The antioxidants along with dense nutrition and unique taste and texture make the Durian the King of Fruits.

But if you are not convinced, then here are five good reasons why Durian is crowned King of Fruits.

Why Durian is Crowned King of Fruits – 5 Reasons

  1. The Taste – The durian is famous for its unique taste. It’s a creamy custard-like sweet-bitter taste with a hint of alcohol. Just makes you crave for more, the more you eat the more you want.

    I initially didn’t like the fruit, but after trying it a few times was totally hooked. The flavour is just divine and addictive. However, some of you may well not think or feel the same way. In my mind, it is crowned king with its unique texture and flavour.

    And a number of animals also love the taste. In the wild, you will find Tigers feasting on the fruits that have fallen from the trees and broken open on the ground.
  1. The Smell – If durian is famous for its taste it is more so for its smell. How many fruits do you know of that have been banned in motels, hotels and airports? Not too many I imagine if any.

    However, the durian once again takes the crown, having been banned in hotels, motels and airports because of its strong and somewhat unpleasant smell.

    No other fruit to my knowledge has such a strong unpleasant odour. It just defies all common sense. How can something that smells so vile taste so good? But then I guess the smell is open to opinion, some people just love the smell of Durian.

    Fortunately, if you are not one of those people, you can get varieties that have no smell or a weak smell. I think however that Durian fruit wins the crown for the smell.
  1. The Carbohydrates – If you love fruit but are worried you will lose too much weight or not get enough daily calories just eating fruit then its durian to the rescue.

    It comes packed with carbohydrates and calories. Just eating one average-sized durian will supply almost all of your daily calorie needs, not to mention an abundance of nutrients.

    This was a saviour for me. I love fruit but get too skinny on just eating fruit. Eating some durian each day helped me to maintain good body weight and the calories are all good calories.

    No baddies in this fruit. If you are looking to lose weight then maybe you will need to go a little easier on the durian.
  1. The appearance – Well, what fruit has a shell as hard as a coconut and covered with sharp spikes. If I was to choose a fruit with an armour plating, then durian would have to be the winner.

    Imagine a coconut weighing a few kilograms with sharp spikes falling from a height of 25 feet to 50 feet onto your head? I know who is going to come out the winner, and that is the ‘King of Fruits’, yes the mighty durian.

    I mean it just doesn’t compare to having a mango fall from 25 feet onto your head. Why I say 25 feet to 50 feet is because this is how tall the Durian tree can grow.

    Believe it or not, it has killed a few people, having this fruit fall from a height onto their head. What King doesn’t go out conquering. Have you heard anyone dying from being hit by mango or banana? It may have happened, but there is no dispute that some have died by being struck by the Durian.
  1. The Nutrition – We have already mentioned the calories that durian contains. But the nutrition is also fit for a king.

    Durian comes packed with a lot of good nutrients from vitamins to minerals along with many antioxidants.

    For a full review of the nutrients and health benefits of Durian the ‘King of Fruits’ please check our article: Durian vs Jackfruit

Durian the Mighty ‘King of Fruits’ – Undisputed

The tasty and smelly durian fruit is primarily found in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, and enjoys popularity also abroad in many countries that import this unique fruit.

The durian is in high demand and because of limited supply (it is interesting to note that durian is a seasonal fruit, however, because there are various different types of durian – each type having a different harvesting period – harvests of the durian fruit can continue throughout the whole year), the price of the durian fruit is usually very high.

This makes Durian fruit a royal meal with a royal price. In our mind, that’s only possible with a ‘King of Fruits’

So, these are five good reasons why we believe Durian is crowned the ‘King of Fruits’. I am sure there are many more particularly from those who just love eating this fruit.

If you have any other reasons why Durian is crowned (or why it should not be crowned) ‘King of Fruits’ then why not let us know. But first, if you have not tried a real fresh durian, then give it a go. You might just be pleasantly surprised.

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